Leaders appointed by the election held at school in the year 2078



Congratulations to all the newly elected School Leaders and Classes Leaders!

School President: Gaurav Karki - 9
School Vice President: Rojina Parajuli- 10

Here is the list of newly elected classes' leaders respectively:

Class 1 'A'
Captain: Farhan Khan
Vice Captain: Rima Lama

Class 1 'B'
Captain: Shristi Tajpuriya
Vice Captain: Nabin Roy

Class 2
Captain: Yunik Siwakoti
Vice Captain: Monica Tiyar

Class 3 'A'
Captain: Anshu Kathayat
Vice Captain: Slok Sah

Class 3 'B'
Captain: Ashraf Alam
Vice Captain: Purnima Parajuli

Class 4
Captain: Sangam Tamang
Vice Captain: Sapana Ingnam

Class 5
Captain: Nisha Rajbanshi
Vice Captain: Bharat Roy

Class 6
Captain: Rahul Sah
Vice Captain: Lilima Rajbanshi

Class 7
Captain: Dikesh Bhattarai
Vice Captain: Sabina Katwal

Class 8
Captain: Shibu Mochi
Vice Captain: Bhumika Tajpuriya

Class 9
Captain: Swastika Tamang
Vice Captain: Prajwal Kumar Roy

Class 10
Captain: Ashim Siwakoti
Vice Captain: Nitu Kumari Singh

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